Chief Exec This year's MRC Annual Review explores how taking a fresh perspective on a research problem can be a catalyst for scientific discovery.

Perspectives tells the stories of MRC-funded scientists across the UK and Africa who have made some of the most compelling discoveries of 2010/11 by thinking about medical research challenges from a new angle.

For example, Professor Doug Turnbull and colleagues in Newcastle have carried out pioneering research in human eggs which has the potential to prevent devastating mitochondrial diseases. And in a study which began with one person who had a family history of migraines, Dr Zam Cader has found the first gene to be directly linked with the disorder, opening up possibilities for new treatments which could help millions of people worldwide.

Perspectives also features a selection of our scientists' many research achievements from 2010/11. From a landmark discovery on antibodies which has overturned a century of scientific thinking, to a new way of delivering drugs to the gut using bacteria, the past year's research has continued to reflect the MRC's long and prestigious history of excellent science.

These discoveries couldn't have happened without collaboration with our colleagues in universities, charities and industry. And, of course, they couldn't have happened without the public, who participate in many of our research studies, who help to shape our strategy and whose taxes fund the important work of our scientists. Improving human health is at the centre of everything the MRC does, and I hope you enjoy reading about our progress over the last year.

Sir John Savill, MRC Chief Executive